Trophy Records

Steve Diller, Chair (

The SCI Record Book of Animals uses SCI’s unique all-inclusive record keeping system, the most used system in the world, to document our hunting heritage. The scoring system recognizes typical and non-typical animals and both free range and estate taken animals. NO deductions are enforced penalizing animals for asymmetry in the SCI scoring system.

The SCI Online Record Book of Animals is a fun way to watch the record book grow. Nightly, the SCI Record Books are ranked and approved changes are automatically updated. Hunters can now research their hunts prior to booking any hunt by going to The online record book allows subscribers to search by species, locations, guides and outfitters and more. Subscribers can view the data that is not seen in the printed books such as all measurements that make up a total score. Soon subscriber will have the ability to view contact information on guides and outfitters.

Want to know if your Whitetail is a Trophy? Bring your rack to the first BMC Membership Meeting in February and qualified Measurers will be on hand to score your harvest. Click here for an on-line listing of Scorers.